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Geowiz Pricing

Simple Low Cost Tools at a Fair Price

GeoSpace Labs has simple, easy to understand pricing for our suite of safety systems to help you save money while choosing the system that is right for you. We have worked hard to keep our prices as some of the lowest in the industry, while offering unsurpassed compliance tools and fleet management capabilities.

Below BYOD means Bring Your Own Device.

Geowiz LTE (Lite) ELD $169

This is the single user configuration and is a great option for individual drivers and companies that need a compliant solution and have a few trucks, but do not want to incur the needless cost of a subscription or expensive data plan.

The LTE ELD can be run as an AOBRD or ELD if it is installed prior to the mandate of December 2017. AOBRD offers less functionality, but provides drivers more control over their data. The ELD has more automation and checks for violations in real-time, but is more restrictive in editing and transmits more data to inspectors.

The LTE ELD is a one-time purchase of $169 in a BYOD model. It does not require a data plan or a monthly subscription. If you are interested in full bundles including the tablet, case, and required in-cab documentation, or even a printer, there are many options available here:

Geowiz PRO BYOD $17 a Month

The PRO series is designed to manage a wide range of compliance and operational areas. It includes all the features of the LTE version including the optional dashcam and ability to print-in-cab, and a wide range of other features. You must purchase the LTE version and add the PRO subscription.

PRO can work disconnected (meaning no data plan) however, there are so many real-time features that we very strongly recommend using PRO with a 3/4G data plan. In the BYOD model, you can work with your existing carrier and/or use existing hardware and data plans that you already have. GeoSpace charges $17 a month per driver in addition to whatever your costs are for tablets and data.

Geowiz PRO One-Stop All-In $29 a Month

This is the PRO version and requires a 2-year contract (no contract is required otherwise for the PRO version). This is the same PRO features and includes a ZTE Trek 2 8IN HD K88 AT&T 16GB Wifi 4G-LTE Android 6.0 Tablet and the data plan so you can use all the real-time PRO features.

This package represents easily the best value in the ELD market today. For the $29 monthly subscription fee you do not need to purchase tablets or sign contracts with an additional data carrier. GeoSpace becomes your single point of contact and support, all for a monthly fee less than most other ELD vendors require just for their basic subscription, which doesn’t include items included here like the data plan, a tablet, or the amazing additional features of Geowiz PRO.

Product Warranty

ELD Units - 12 Month Fix/Replace. Tablets 90 Days Fix/Replace. Cables 14 Days Fix/Replace

FMCSA Registration

Geowiz has completed the FMCSA self-certification process and is listed as a self-certified device on the FMCSA website. The self-certification process involves following the FMCSA provided testing procedures and verifying functionality against the pre-defined testing scripts. Geowiz will continue to work with the FMCSA, local associations, companies, and drivers to ensure we offer a compliant system that follows the letter and the spirit of the regulations, while at the same time focuses on ease of usage and innovative ideas.

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