GeoWiz Free ELD Announces New Major APP Release Upgrade

July 25, 2019

BRUSH, Colorado – GeoSpace Labs provides commercial drivers with the only legitimate FMCSA no monthly fee Electronic Logging Device (ELD) product on the market. Drivers love it, and it is a terrific cost saving option to the big corporate pay-to-play tools like Keeptruckin, Big Road, or Omnitracks.

The Geowiz ELD has the same features as the corporate pay-to-play systems, in some cases greatly improved or expanded features, but doesn’t carry the burden of a monthly fee.

As an owner/operator focused on managing both compliance and the bottom line, a professional ELD tool with no monthly fee is a game changer and can save thousands of dollars over just a few years, and has a positive return on investment (ROI) in just a few months.

The Geowiz ELD was introduced in the market in 2014 by GeoSpace Labs, and has grown to over 30,000 users across its core and specialized systems. It can be purchased at:

Many drivers are switching over to this owner operator friendly ELD when their contracts come due with a current provider, or when they switch from AOBRD to ELD, or when they just get tired of using a big corporate pay-to-play system and paying a monthly fee. Since the Geowiz ELD has such a low entry cost and no monthly cost, it is a very smart business decision.

On August 1, 2019 version 4.5 of the application will be released.

This new version incorporates the evolution on usability and reliability from five years of field usage, and benefits from an extensive driver feedback project conducted in Q2 of 2019 where hundreds of drivers provided direct feedback with new feature requests, tweaks, rule interpretations, and usability.

A few examples of improved features:

  • Use the allowed 15 minutes or less of unassigned driving (49 CFR Appendix A to Subpart B of Part 395 to move a truck without tripping 1 minute of driving and messing up shift and cycle reset calculations

  • Arizona Time zone

  • Ability to pair ELD units, trucks, and drivers for automated truck assignments and automated correction if wrong truck is selected

  • 6 months of data stored on device including ELD, DVIR, FUEL, and IFTA data, and backup to cloud, meaning once logged in the ELD can run without a data subscription which saves money

  • Complete official Canadian location database, and ability to reconcile US and Canadian rule sets, switch at the border automatically, and only process rules based upon correct geography

  • IFTA miles calculated and fuel receipts tracked with no additional fees

  • Truck maintenance scheduled by date, miles, and with unlimited maintenance items tracked over time

  • Audit Guard – an internal audit tool to analyze logs against possible CSA points, in real time and for all stored logs, so any items can be corrected quickly before an audit

  • Ability to edit any past day logs for the past 6 months

There are many other usability and performance improvements in version 4.5 that make it an amazing ELD tool that saves drivers time and money so they can drive more.

GeoSpace provides professional Hours of Service Systems covering AOBRD, ELD, IFTA, and DVIR with 49 CFR 395, 396 automation, and includes deep and unique handling of different exemptions offered by the FMCSA, including unassigned driving, 16 Hour Short-Haul Exception 395.1(o), Agriculture Exemption 395.1(k), 100 Air Mile Short-Haul Exemption 395.1(e)(1), and Vehicles used in oil and gas field operations 395.1(d)(2).

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GeoSpace operates with offices in several locations in North America and Europe. GeoSpace is a vendor you can count on, we have no middle management, everyone is a skilled direct contributor.

Our ELD system is registered with the Department of Transportation/FMCSA. Our registration number is #0008

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