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About GeoSpace Labs

The Power of Great People

Indebted to only our customers, Geowiz has been built with the time, talent, treasure, and typing of the company founders. The market is the wind at our backs and the wonderful people in it our sails.

Amazing Products

Geowiz PRO is GeoSpace Labs premier product line featuring advanced geospatial features designed as a cutting edge first of its kind Carrier Information System (CIS) that includes FMCSA compliant Hours of Service eLog technology (ELD).

Contact Info

Main Phone: (877) 4-GEOWIZ
Contact Information Colorado: GeoSpace Labs, 2627 Redwing Road #350, Fort Collins, CO 80526,
Contact Information Florida: Geowiz Product Line, 5302 S. Florida Ave, Ste 207, Lakeland, FL 33813, support

Founders (and Coders)

David Lady -Founding Partner and President of GeoSpace Labs.
David holds several advanced degrees including a Ph.D. in Technology Engineering, a Masters in Information Management, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. David is a graduate of the MIT Sloan Business Schools Executive Training Program in Strategy & Innovation.

Mark Rupert - Founding Partner and COO.
Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Computer System Mathematics. Mark is an expert embeded systems engineer with over 20 years experience in real-time systems.

Product Warranty

ELD Units - 12 Month Fix/Replace. Tablets 90 Days Fix/Replace. Cables 14 Days Fix/Replace

FMCSA Registration

Geowiz has completed the FMCSA self-certification process and is listed as a self-certified device on the FMCSA website. The self-certification process involves following the FMCSA provided testing procedures and verifying functionality against the pre-defined testing scripts. Geowiz will continue to work with the FMCSA, local associations, companies, and drivers to ensure we offer a compliant system that follows the letter and the spirit of the regulations, while at the same time focuses on ease of usage and innovative ideas.

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