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Geowiz PRO Asset Management

Tell Me Everything About

Deep asset (tractor/trailer/chassis) analytics, tracking, and score cards. Geowiz PRO features the Tell Me Everything About feature that allows a detailed exploration of asset data with a single mouse click. Identify driving trends, dig into log maintenance, see where the asset has been and for how long, review engine hours of service graphs, and a lot of other information is at your fingertips. See upcoming expirations, IFTA settings, and many other data points.

TMEA Research

Using the TMEA features you can explore asset analytics which include graphical usage analysis, maintenance summaries, and lists of hours of engine service logs, past driver schedules, incidents that were reported, and analyze the asset usage profile. This unique feature is available for each asset and also provide simple click access to asset DVIR logs, maintenance schedules and history, and summaries of what power units were driven by the driver, where, and when.

Deep History, Simple Usage

Geowiz PRO keeps asset history for seven years, including beautiful DVIR logs and all media associated with the asset, engine history, idle times, trip reports, IFTA summaries, audit reports, incident reports, maintenance history, and a lot more.