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Geowiz PRO Dashboards

Main Dashboard

The Main Geowiz PRO dashboard is a collection of all the information you need at a glance to manage exceptions fleet wide. You can select from a wide range of metrics including safety, DVIR, or events like accidents or detentions. You can also see any upcoming expirations like driver medical waivers or vehicle insurances. Geowiz tracks everything from detailed complex safety information to even what field units have low batteries.

Dispatch Dashboard

Geowiz has an incredible real-time dispatch and route status tracking dashboard. Store detailed route templates for reuse, plan and assign them to drivers, and then monitor progress in real-time being alerted to delivery windows, detention, congregation, and many customizable alerts.

Hours of Service Dashboard

Monitor all your drivers hours of service data from a single dashboard. Be notified in real-time about any upcoming violations, sort drivers based upon available drive, shift, or cycle hours. Find the right driver to take on the right load across your entire fleet. The dashboard is both predictive, it will tell you before a violation happens, and descriptive, it will inform you of any violations that have occurred.