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Geowiz PRO Dispatch

Real-Time Dispatch

Create an unlimited number of dispatch items and assign to drivers from a daily queue on the fly or as part of an administrative plan with optimized route sequences. Geowiz allows for 3-way dispatch which can be handled from a central office, at the driver's discretion, or through automation. Dispatches tie to customers, addresses, and multi-day cross-dock shipments. Arrivals and departures are automatically recorded, detention is monitored, and real-time status is available system wide.

Deep Route Management

Geowiz has industry leading geo-routing capabilities that complete your daily driver sheets automatically as the drivers complete their routes. Geowiz automatically captures drive times, arrival times, dock times, and departure times and provides the information centrally to dispatch staff in real time. Always know where your drivers are, where they are heading, how fast they are going, and dozens of other data points.

Detailed Route History

Geowiz stores past trip reports alongside HOS information, any safety items, and everything else that happens in the field the system can record, and makes it available in a history archive for analysis, audit, research, customer inquiry, or performance planning.