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Geowiz PRO GPS

Real-Time Maps

Geowiz tracks the GPS location of everything that happens throughout the day and keeps this data for as long as you used the system. Know in real time where documents were signed, where fuel was purchased, where drivers took breaks, how long they were at a location, and anything else the system logs that involves geography. View the data in real time and on historical maps, as well as part of individual records and lists.

GPS Research

View in real time whats going on right now including weather conditions, vehicle speeds, time to target, and GPS location. View historic reports showing tracking data for everything that has ever happened while using the system, Geowiz keeps all GPS data for 24 months. View a map from last week for a driver route and analyze their activity. Compare routes in good weather and bad for future planning. Analyze time on dock and route efficiencies, you name it the data is there and available to you.

GPS Audit

With Geowiz GPS you can do deep forensic analysis auditing everything from ground speed to the impact weather had on a particular driver for a particular day. Go as deep as you need to, even pulling data for insurance claims and to dispute audit findings.