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GPS Enhanced BASIC

Quickly Create & Deploy GPS Aware APPS

Over the past decade, GeoSpace Labs has become expert in programming geospatial real-time distributed asynchronous computer systems based on a blend of proprietary hardware and consumer class mobile devices.

This, coupled with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the very wide spread adoption of 'smart' devices like smart phones, tablets, smart watches, drones, and so on that have GPS capabilities, has created an opportunity to introduce a new kind of GPS enhanced BASIC for rapid APP development and deployment.

Market Need Identified

In mid-2017 we were looking to add a new APP to our system. What our system basically does is to track commercial drivers and assets in real-time while applying on-demand audits against federal safety regulations. These are things like how fast an asset is going, how long a driver is allowed to drive based upon what rules they are working under, the working condition of an asset, and so on. One of the things our system does is to collect any defects associated with an asset, from simple items like the tire is flat, to complex items involving mechanical solutions.

So, we wanted to add in an APP that a mechanic could use to quickly pull up an assets history, get access to any specific audio or video information concerning problems, driver inspections notes, and other data. Then fix the unit, and record the fix saving back to the assets history. Its simple stuff that we do in our main APP, but we wanted to create a new one specifically designed for mechanics and we wanted to turn it around quickly.

GeoAware APPS require what is called a “full stack” of deployed technology. This means a field APP running on a mobile device, cloud infrastructure that can support a smart API for the APP to interact with, server based logic including the ability to geocode location data, and some type of data farm for storage. Since the users exist in a full ecosystem the APP also needs to know where other users are even if they are not local, data about other things in the ecosystem (like flat tires), and you need all the authentication and organizing elements associated with the ecosystem as well.

There isn’t currently any quick way to do this, and the slow way involves a multi-disciplined team of people, tools, and programming languages. We thought about it and did a lot of market research, and the resulting solution was to create a new kind of kit. A Geo APP Kit, that includes everything needed to prototype these types of solutions and get into the market fast, and for smaller organizations and individuals to be able to quickly take their great ideas and be in the market in the fastest time possible at very low costs.

Do It Once, Use It Many

So, we decided to find a light weight dev kit and build a simple “full stack” GeoAPI wrapper for it, and to write it once so we could reuse. Then we realized, why just do this for us, this is something that the market needs. The GeoAPPKit concept was born.

So what is the GeoAPPKit? It is a GeoAware BASIC language IDE that can compile into executables for Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5, and Raspberry, that has been extended with dozens of GeoFunctions typical to GeoCentric applications, and that is further extended via an in-place native cloud API farm and developer web console which is abstracted within the extended GeoFunctions.

This may sound complicated, or it may not, depending on how you are approaching this concept. In simple terms it means that a single developer, or person willing to learn BASIC programming concepts, can now work in a single IDE and single language, yet produce APPs that can do all of the things necessary to be real-time GeoAware programs. Simple things, like sharing locations with other APPs as permissions are given, measuring distances between different locations or other APPs in real time, tracking Geofences, to more complicated concepts like having a persistent data cache accessible asynchronously across locations, users, and time. All this without having to learn three or four different languages and without having to setup and pay for cloud servers and data storage.

Current Schedule

We are in ALPHA in Q4 2017 and expect to launch an invitation only BETA in Q1 2018 with a full product launch sometime in Q2 2018 (depending of course on how the BETA goes).

We are actively looking for individuals and organizations to participate in the BETA with us. If you would like more information please contact

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