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System Analytics
System Analytics

Advanced Analytics for Improved Safety and Operations Performance

GeoSpace Labs is surrounded by bright people with deep educational backgrounds. This, coupled with an active users group with millions of miles of experience allows us to brings cutting edge solutions to real-world carrier problems, in near real-time. With the launch of the new website, the Geowiz product is able to provide expert tools for operations management at a fraction of the normal costs of bolt-on software solutions.

Geowiz audits drivers logs in real-time via the APP as the drivers progress through their work day. You can perform cumulative real-time audits of all of your logs to stay on top of driver safety. The immediate log audit list provides actionable information to identify immediate improvements and reduce formal audit concerns. Further, as the system can instantly audit all HOS ELDs, performing in-house audits has never been easier, more accurate, or more actionable.

Geowiz includes IFTA fuel tax reporting at no additional cost. Using automated reporting can not only save you hundreds of FTE hours a year but also reduces calculation mistakes and provides simple, clear, auditable data.

Geowiz is a simple to use system with many advanced tracking features meaning it is full of important automations that can improve operations and help make you money. Using geo-recognition Geowiz can record arrival and departure times and reconcile them against your detention contracts on a location-by-location bases. Identifying detention billing opportunities has never been easier, and providing indisputable evidence to back-up the billing data is included and is easy to view and print.