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CIS System features

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About Geowiz Truck Tracker

Geowiz is GeoSpace Labs premier product designed as a first of its kind cutting edge Carrier Information System (CIS) that includes FMCSA compliant Hours of Service eLog technology (ELD). Geowiz is built by industry leading mathematicians and Ph.D. engineers. The system functionality comes from industry professionals with in-cab experience and millions of road miles. Request a DEMO today to learn about all of the great Geowiz features.

Geowiz is ELD compliant hardware and software built to work together to provide seamless functionality alongside unsurpassed support and service. All for one of the lowest costs in the market at $19 a month subscription that includes the ELD hardware. The hardware is a single box that we manufacture, so no cables and different vendors pointing fingers at each other. The modem connects to 6 pin or 9 pin ECU and can talk j1939 and j1708, so you can support your entire fleet using the same great functionality. The Geowiz software runs on any modern Android or Apple mobile device, so BYOD or buy new, whichever fits your current operating model.

Hours of Service (HOS) and ELD Logs

Geowiz acts as a compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that creates logs compliant with the Hours of Service Regulations published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These logs are available on the APP as well as via the administrative website for clear simple reporting and monitoring. All LOGS are audited in real time and available for detailed analysis and review.


Geowiz includes a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) capability that allows drivers to create inspection reports for an unlimited number of company assets. Reports tie to the ELD log and also to fleet management capabilities. Reporting includes checklists, images, image notation, and audio that can be recorded to ensure clear and concise inspection resolutions.

Fleet Maintenance

Geowiz links DVIR reports to company assets and automatically captures necessary maintenance and maintenance resolution in an easy to use log. Current asset status as well as historical fleet maintenance reporting are easy and centralized.

Manifests & Barcoding

Geowiz can read barcodes via a Phone or Tablet camera or for high volume scanning can interface with industry standard bluetooth scanning devices that are a fraction of the cost of proprietary devices. Use barcodes to build manifests, track load length and weight, and to track bills of lading. Use them to track your cross-dock items and to scan customer documents for chain of custody tracking.

Order Entry

Geowiz can track pickups and deliveries for customers and addresses, and has advanced features so you can track a single ORDER for a customer across all of its multiple touches, movements, and rests from the time it is picked up and delivered at any location. These orders are of course visible to you in the customer scorecard and to your customers via their individual free customer portals.

Asset Management

Geowiz tracks an unlimited number of company assets including tractors, trailers, and lighter vehicles. Know which driver was assigned to which set of assets throughout the day and historically. Know where your trailers were hitched and dropped, and all current and historical inspection, odometer, fuel, and usage information. Add assets on the fly when you are hauling a new trailer.

Driver Dispatch

Create an unlimited number of dispatch items and assign to drivers from a daily queue on the fly or as part of an administrative plan with optimized route sequences. Geowiz allows for 2-way dispatch which can be handled from a central office, at the driver's discretion, or both. Dispatches tie to customers, addresses, and multi-day cross-dock shipments.

Route Logging

Geowiz has industry leading geo-routing capabilities that complete your daily driver sheets automatically as the drivers complete their routes. Geowiz automatically captures drive times, arrival times, dock times, and departure times and provides the information centrally to dispatch staff in real time. Always know where your drivers are, where they are heading, how fast they are going, and dozens of other data points.

Driver Time Cards

Allow your drivers and staff to clock in and out using the Geowiz APP. The time clock can be used for hourly pay reporting, and captures the location of each clock in/out event so you can be sure people are where they are supposed to be when you are paying them.

Fuel Logging & IFTA

Geowiz logs fuel stops and automatically records the state the refueling takes place in, the exact GPS location, and the station address so little data entry is required. This information cleanly and automatically feeds your IFTA and MCFT reporting requirements.

GPS Tracking

Geowiz tracks the GPS location of everything that happens throughout the day and keeps this data for as long as you used the system. Know in real time where documents were signed, where fuel was purchased, where drivers took breaks, how long they were at a location, and anything else the system logs that involves geography. View the data in real time and on historical maps, as well as part of individual records and lists.

Paperless Signatures

Geowiz allows you to go as paperless as your customers will allow! Sign invoice and proof of delivery forms on your phone or tablet. Use the device camera to scan documents and sign them at the dock in real time with no extra equipment. All signed documents are instantly available to your office staff and your customers so no more waiting and mailing documents.

Customer Portals

Create an unlimited number of customers in Geowiz and provide each one with their own custom portal so they can see the information you choose to share with them. Allow them to access signed document in real time, track deliveries (no more phone calls!), see dock time, and receive other documents you want to share with them using the portal.

Billing Sheets

In addition to standard delivery billing create custom rate schedules, cross billing schemes, and track driver time against different customers. See where drivers were during the billing times and create custom billing reports based upon customer, rate, and time.


View in real time whats going on right now including weather conditions, vehicle speeds, time to target, and GPS location. View historic reports showing tracking data for everything that has ever happened while using the system, Geowiz keeps all GPS data forever. View a map from last week for a driver route and analyze their activity. Compare routes in good weather and bad for future planning. Analyze time on dock and route efficiencies, you name it the data is there and available to you.