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The Geowiz system provides data extracts filtered by date range for all company data that are extractable using the Geowiz Desktop tool included in a Geowiz subscription (no extra cost).

- ELD logs for any driver over any time period
- DVIR logs for drivers and assets over any time period
- A defect queue of open DRIV discovered defect for any inspected asset
- Historical and real-time manifests and delivery schedules for any time period
- Location arrival and departure times and detention calculations by customer
- Order tracking and flat rate order charges by manifest and customer
- Lists of assets and drivers - Current driver dispatch information including real-time location updates
- Fuel logging and data for IFTA reporting including miles per state and fuel tax information quarterly
- Driver incident reporting including pictures and audio if captured
- Driver safety information including HOS summaries and historic and real time safety violation tracking and notes
- GPS tracking including real time maps and historic maps for any time period. GPS includes geospatial information, ground speed, bearing, transportation authority, and weather data reported by the National Weather Service, stored for each data point collected
- Document tracking including captured documents and electronically signed documents