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Geowiz provides instructor lead training via teleconference and screen share. For each license assigned to a customer via the web portal, the assigned person can use the ELD logon to access the Geowiz Education ( website for Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) self-paced training. This training includes courses on installing and using the ELD product in the field, and includes videos and multiple choice quizzes that can be used to certify a users knowledge of the APP.

From the main Geowiz Administrative Console, several hours of video based instruction are available outlining back office functionality. There are no certification quizzes currently available for the back office functionality.

Internet based Instructor led and self-paced training are included in the Geowiz subscription cost. The instructor lead training is generally time boxed, however, if minimal additional training is needed as part of a roll-out plan there are no additional fees.

If on-site instructor lead training is requested, Geowiz charges real travel costs plus $1,000 per training day and $500 per travel day.

Geowiz provides business hours phone support from 7AM to 3PM EST from our Florida location, and 9AM to 5PM PST from our Colorado location. Firmware updated for the ELD device are delivered via Bluetooth from the mobile device. Updates to the ELD APP on the mobile device are delivered via the APP or PLAY stores. If a customer locks the mobile devices down APP updates are delivered via an APK package from the Geowiz website.