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Why Geowiz

Why Geowiz?

The FMCSA self-certification process involves testing the ELD product against a large variety of functional scenarios. Through this process in many ways competition in the ELD market has been commoditized, meaning that a compliant device�s functionality will generally be the same given they are meeting the same federal requirements. When purchasing a commodity one of the primary differentials is price, provided that the commodity is of the same grade as comparable items (in this case FMCSA self-certified ELD products).

That being said, and with the understanding that this is the market environment ELD devices are in, Geowiz has worked to differentiate itself using a few core designs:

1. As a commodity item, the Geowiz ELD is priced very competitively compared to other products that meet FMCSA requirements
2. Geowiz offers substantially more functionality than simply FMCSA compliant ELD functionality to include dispatch, GPS, routing, logging, customer portals, signature capture, DVIR, fleet carrier management, IFTA, geo-based analytics, and multi-authority tracking.
3. While offering a wide breadth of functionality, Geowiz does not have pricing tiers or upsell strategies, the product is one flat price and customers may use whichever features are most beneficial to them including many non-ELD features
4. The Geowiz ELD system is one of the easiest to use currently in-market
5. Geowiz does all of its development in the USA, and is built as a technology company that provides excellent service, not a service company that also offers technology
6. The Geowiz ELD system is built and engineered as a single system from ECU plugin hardware and firmware to mobile device software, so service is provided with a single touch point and there are not multiple vendors pointing fingers at each other during the support resolution process
7. Customers with over 100 licenses receive a named support representative so that support items can be resolved with a single point of contact
8. Geowiz releases non-disruptive feature updates to the system monthly via the Apple and Android APP stores, and customers may participate in active user groups that help set feature set priority
9. Online training alongside instructor led training ensure well-coordinated roll outs and well-informed user groups

Core Geowiz features, all included in the single subscription price, are outlined below. Note that while all functionality is included, each section can run without interdependencies, and the system is very easy to use and configure. Our basic strategy is to offer a world class ELD solution with so many other features that it is an impossibly good deal.