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Agricultural Sources

Sophisticated source management when using FMCSA exemption 49 CFR 395.1(k). Clearly, visually, and simply identifies sources and radius. Automates HOS compliance and record keeping.

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Aligned to Standards

You’re not a truck driver and you are not driving a truck, so why do your logs say truck? Not anymore, passenger carrying specific HOS processes and language including correct rulesets.

  Avalible November 2018

100-Mile Management

Manage multiple terminals, track miles inside exemption, keep clean timesheets. Clearly, visually, and simply identifies terminals and radius, provides miles reports even when exempt.

  Avalible November 2018

Low Cost Compliance

A solid basic logbook that includes DVIR's and state miles. The best part, no monthly fee. An ELD that includes ECU hardware and mobile APP for a single one-time fee. Use an Android or iOS device, your choice.

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ELD and Safety Management

It is quick, responsive, and comprehensive, offering the tools to help a dispatcher run a fleet, and help a safety managers minimize risk, while keeping all parties on the same page.

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No Internet Connection Required

24 hour resets, wait time management, multiple drivers per device, 100-mile radius, and many other improvements specific to the way an oil, gas, or mining company works.

  Avalible November 2018

Comming Q1 2019

Office Web Tools

A collection of all the information you need at a glance to manage exceptions fleet wide, everything from detailed complex safety information to even what field units have low batteries.

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Comming Q1 2019

World Class Operations

Live Phone Support from the USA

Real-time all in one HOS ELD, dispatch, GPS, routing, logging, customer portal, signature capture, DVIR, ELD carrier management cloudware with an immediate geo-based analytic engine, all compliant with the FMCSA HOS Final Rule dated December 2015 registration #0008. The Geowiz APP runs on any modern iDevice or Android device. Used full time the Geowiz app will consume about 150-250MB of data a month.

877.4.GEOWIZ - Sales & Support
970.776.5622 - Corporate Office
877.443.6949 - Warehouse & Distribution
4460 Florida National Drive, Lakeland, FL 33813

Support Portal

Agriculture Products - Agriculture Exemption 395.1(k)

Perfect for farms with a single vehicle or for professional owner operators who transport agricultural commodities including but not limited to livestock and bees.

Enhanced ELD Features

All the features of the FMCSA registered (#0008) ELD PLUS:

  • • GPS tracking of 150-Air mile
  • • Clean clear auto notations on all exempt log entries
  • • Automated reconciliation of exempt driving, so no need to explain unidentified driving
  • • Automatic arrival detection at all entered sources and locations
  • • Preloaded agriculture national source list
  • • Ability to add and share sources with other Log Book users
  • • Create sources using entered addresses of GPS location data (for when there is no good address)
  • • Automatic recalculation when adding new sources
  • • Support for all FMCSA trip scenarios with trip entry wizard
  • • Ability to flag duty items as exempt line by line in addition to automation
  • • Ability for office to add and remove agricultural courses
  • • Track sources by commodity type, including bees and livestock
  • • Realtime feedback of current exemption status
  • • Realtime tracking of exemption distance from source and edge of 150 air mile radius
  • • Exemption rules processing clearly showing only violation relevant given exempt status, includes proper processing of break based upon exempt status and commodity type

PRO Fleet - CFR 395 & 396 Management

Perfect for companies with a back office that want to centralize operations; or dispatchers and safety oficers who want to use technology to keep everyone on the same page.

System & ELD Features
  • • Dashboard with Fleet Wide Data Metrics
  • • Real-Time Text notifications of Safety Events
  • • Field Device Battery Monitoring
  • • Weather Included in GPS Maps History
  • • Three Way Driver Dispatch
  • • Automated Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  • • Real-Time Detention Alerts
  • • Hours of Service Real-Time Summary
  • • 100% Automated Arrival and Departure Reporting
  • • Geofencing
  • • Complete Asset (Power Unit) History
  • • Fleet Maintenance
  • • Field Maintenance
  • • DVIRs with Video and Voice Integration
  • • State Miles Capture
  • • Driver Safety Scorecards
  • • Quick Fleet Wide CSA Points Audit
  • • Monthly HOS ELD Safety Scorecard
  • • Custom Driver Safety Letters
  • • Mechanic Interface for DVIR Repairs
  • • Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
  • • Unassigned Driving Resolution
  • • Engine Events
  • • Major Vendor Fuel Card Imports
  • • Over 10 Hours of Training Videos
  • • Individual Driver Data Retention Management
  • • Company of Companies Integration
  • • Owner Operator Logs Visible by Multiple Companies
  • • Messages Read Aloud to Driver
  • • Use ELD as Dashcam
  • • Electronic Document Delivery and Signature
  • • Field Document Capture (Scanning)
  • • Bar Code Scanning
  • • Navigation Interface
  • • Canadian & US HOS Rules Automation
  • • Incident Reporting & Data Capture
  • • Multi-Language Support
  • • Configurable Start My Day Driver Workflows

Owner Operator CFR 395 & 396 Management

No monthly fee solid logbook with DVIR integration and state miles capture.

ELD Features
  • • Easy HOS Management of Driving, Shift, Cycle
  • • Yard Moves, and Personel usage
  • • Access logs in APP or at home via website
  • • Simple Send ing of Logs to FMCSA eRODS system
  • • Hours of Service Real-Time Summary
  • • Field Maintenance
  • • DVIRs with Video and Voice Integration
  • • State Miles Capture & Reports
  • • Driver Safety Scorecards
  • • Monthly HOS ELD Safety Scorecard
  • • Unassigned Driving Resolution
  • • Engine Events
  • • Use ELD APP as Dashcam
  • • Bar Code Scanning
  • • Canadian & US HOS Rules Automation
  • • Multi-Language Support
  • • Start My Day Driver Workflows

GeoSpace operates with offices in several locations in North America and Europe. GeoSpace is a vendor you can count on, we have no middle management, everyone is a skilled direct contributor.

Our ELD system is registered with the Department of Transportation/FMCSA. Our registration number is #0008

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